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What about suntan lotions and oils?

You may not use outdoor products for indoor tanning, however, at California Tan we have specially formulated products specifically for indoor tanning that you should use. They will also have moisturizers present which will replace moisture that is lost during tanning, bathing and other external factors. Remember that moist skin tans better and is healthier.

Lotions: Do I Need One?

While it's true that it's not necessary to use a lotion while tanning, it's just as true that you don't need to wear a lip balm when you go skiing. However, it's always a good idea to use a quality lotion specifically designed for indoor tanning for several important reasons. First, a tanning bed or booth is an enclosed environment that will dry your skin if you don't protect your skins natural moisture prior to tanning. Just as you apply a lip balm before hitting the slopes, not after you've returned to the lodge with chapped lips, likewise you Australian Goldshould apply lotion to your skin before you tan to prevent your skin from drying, not afterwards. While it's always wise to moisturize after tanning, the real secret to keeping your skin soft and supple is to prevent your skins natural moisture from escaping in the first place with a quality lotion.

Dry skin also hinders the tanning process. Light tends to be reflected or bounce off of dry skin, while moist skin becomes much more translucent allowing the light to penetrate more easily resulting in greater melanin production and consequently a deeper, darker tan. The anti-oxidants and natural botanicals in a quality indoor tanning lotion are designed to speed up your tanning while providing much needed nutrients and natural oils which act like vitamins for your skin. There are several major types of lotions that are designed for the unique needs of the indoor tanner: bronzers; accelerators; and tingles.

What is the best lotion?

There is not a correct answer to this question. Everyone has their personal preferences as to what they expect a lotion to do and the results they expect receive. There are other variables to take into account also, such as: Skin type, tanning experience, oily skin, dry skin, the type of tanning lamps and tanning bed used etc. There are simply too many factors involved to determine what is the "BEST" lotion.  Please speak with a California Tan staff member who will best be able to advice you according to your needs and expectations.

What is a Bronzer?

A bronzer is a self-tanner formulated exclusively for indoor tanning. The ingredients are activited by the UV light in your tanning session. Bronzers are used to suppliment the tanning process and provide a bit more instant gratification. Exfoliating prior to the application of a bronzer helps to insure an even application.


Another effective option for tanning connoisseurs is an accelerator. Accelerators contain ingredients that actually stimulate your melanocytes to produce melanin, which speeds up your tanning session. In other words, an accelerator can help your body to produce the same amount of melanin and thus a tan in less time than would normally be required. Likewise, a client who already tans at the maximum session time for a piece of equipment can simulate the increased melanin production of an even longer session time by using a quality accelerator.

What is this tingle factor?

A "tingle" is a stimulation of the epidermal layers of your skin. Most people feel their skin heat up or tingle after applying these lotions. The skin stimulation (irritation) brings blood closer to the surface of the skin. The blood brings melanin with it and you may receive a better tan. If your a regular tanner who seems to have reached a plateau with your results, a tingle may help you to get a few shades browner. The tingle factors range from 1 to 10. The higher the number, the more intense the tingling. It is recommended you start with a tingle of 1 or 2 to become accustomed to the stimulation then gradually work up through the different levels. Start with a packet to give you a feel for it, as you can always upgrade to a full bottle once you've given it a try.

What can I do to tan my face & legs better?

Use a moisturizer at least twice daily. It's a fact that moist skin tans much better than dry skin Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize! California Tan offers lotions that are formulated specially for  your face and legs. Please speak with a California Tan staff member to show you these specialized lotions.

Are you protecting your lips?

  • Lips do not produce melanin and need extra protection from the sun to prevent aging.
  • All exposure to your lips is over exposure to them.
  • Using a Lip Balm prevents the skin damage and the premature aging caused by over exposure.
  • As you age your lips wrinkle and thin, so protect them with a good lip balm product.
  • Using an over the counter lip balm is harmful because most contain photosensitive ingredients or are packed with ingredients that lock and coat preventing your lips from self hydrating!
  • California Tan offers a variety of Lip Balms to choose from  with SPF levels ranging from 15 SPF to 50 SPF

I just can't get any darker. What can I do?

Your skin actually becomes thicker as your tanning progresses and makes It difficult for UV light to penetrate the upper layers of skin. This is commonly referred to as a tanning "Plateau". Moisturizer is extremely important at this point. Your skin cells are standing up as much as 45°and are actually reflecting the UV rays. Using a lot of moisturizing lotion will help these cells lay down and become more translucent, therefore more receptive to UV rays.

Should I shower after a tanning session?

The tanning process actually continues for a period of time after a tanning session. Taking a shower will remove the mantel acid from your skin and slow down or stop this continued tanning process. It is recommended you not shower for 2 hours after your tanning session or 1 hour before.

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